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Cover Letter Services: Do You Need Them?

Everyone needs a fantastic resume, that’s a given. However, do you also need a cover letter? Unless a job posting specifically forbids the addition of a cover letter, we highly recommend you opt for our cover letter services along with our resume writing services, and here’s a look at why we feel so strongly about cover letters and what they need to include.

Do Hiring Managers Read Cover Letters?

In a nutshell, some hiring managers will read a cover letter first to determine whether or not they should bother reading the resume. Some hiring managers skim resumes first, place exceptional candidates in a pile, and then use the cover letter as a way to further reduce the list of candidates. Either way, our cover letter services provide you with an opportunity to expand upon the information on your resume and describe why you are a good candidate. Sometimes, a great cover letter can help you overcome deficiencies in your resume. Combine a great cover letter and a great interview, and you are far more likely to score your dream job, even if you lack one or two of the requirements sought by the hiring team.

Cover Letters Build On Your Resume

A resume is basically a quick list of your education, work experience and qualifications, but it doesn’t say a lot about who you are as an individual. While skills and experience are crucial, hiring managers also need employees that will fit into the company culture. While reading your cover letter, hiring managers get a sense of your style and personality.

Personalize Each Letter

It’s unwise to send out cover letters simply addressed “To Whom It May Concern.” You need to do some research, discover the actual name of the hiring manager and, perhaps, do a bit of research about the hiring manager to understand more about this person. Additionally, ensure that each cover letter you send out is tailored to the actual job description.

You shouldn’t send out one-size-fits-all resumes nor should you send out one-size-fits-all cover letters. Each cover letter will require a bit of personalization and tweaking before it’s ready for submission to a hiring manager. After all, your cover letter needs to express why you wish to work at a specific company, so you need to actually research the company and determine why this looks like a good fit, both for you and for the company.

Is Your Writing Sufficient?

If writing is not your strong suit, it pays to opt for our cover letter services. Otherwise, just submit your resume. After all, while including no cover letter might not keep you from gaining an interview, sending in a bad cover letter virtually guarantees that you won’t be selected for an interview. Keep in mind that we can create cover letters from scratch or we can simply review, edit and revise your cover letter to make it sparkle.

If you are searching for top-notch cover letter services, our team of experienced resume writers is here to help. In addition to creating dynamic, job-winning resumes, we can create cover letters that will grab the attention of hiring managers and improve your chances of gaining an interview.


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