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7 Tips On How To Get The Best Resume Generated

Your resume writer is skilled in defining optimal strategies for marketing you, but it is a collaborative effort, and the more you help the writer, the better the writer can help you! Most resume sites will allow you to attach an existing resume, but they will also provide you with a helpful order form that is intended to ensure the writer receives the best possible information to sell you with. Prepare to provide that information before you place your order. Some key things you should have ready:

1. Uploading an existing resume

If you do have an existing resume, by all means, have it ready to upload in a simple .doc format. But first, take a moment to review it …are old jobs listed or other information included that are no longer relevant? If so, delete it so that your writer knows what you want to be used in creating your resume.

2. Determine your objective.

You want to be able to CLEARLY tell them EXACTLY what it is you want the resume targeted toward. Be FOCUSED and be REALISTIC. Your writer can’t wave a magic wand and change you from a retail clerk to a CEO, but he/she CAN highlight your key qualifications to back realistic. And give ONE objective – a resume needs a clear target – you can’t market for a restaurant manager OR medical salesperson OR construction worker with one resume. A resume needs a strong focus from start to finish.

3. Develop a list of ACHIEVEMENTS.

Give the writer TANGIBLES to work with. Have you earned awards? List them. Can you give $$$ or %%% figures to SHOW what you’ve done for a prior employer? Have you worked with big-name clients who would be recognizable to the target employer? Did you manage a budget? How big? Were you in charge of staff? How many? Anyone can say “I’m a hard worker” or “I am a good communicator” – the key is to PROVE it!


For example, did you receive a “Top Sales Performer Award?” Quantify it – how many other sales reps were you competing against? Did you make “President’s Club” or earn some other prestigious recognition? What criteria was the recognition based on?

5. Keep it RELEVANT.

Don’t use language or acronyms only your former employer would understand. Assume you are talking to an alien from another planet – how would you describe what you’ve done in simple terms that they would understand?

6. Give concise job descriptions focused on your MAJOR responsibilities.

Think about how you would describe what you’ve done during an interview? What would you say to “impress” the interviewer?

7. Have you completed training, earned certificates, etc. that are applicable to your target?

Have a list ready to cut/paste or type into their order form that includes the name of the program/class, clarification if a certificate or diploma was earned, the institution that conducted the program/class, and the date you completed it

You and your writer are a team – give that writer the best possible information to ensure the end result is a dynamic resume!


Jacob Mathias

Jacob Mathias is a content writer and SEO specialist for Resume Writing Groups. He also works as a web developer and designer. He's passionate about sharing ways on how to get the job you want and living life to the fullest.

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