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How To Create A Job-Winning Hospitality Resume

While the current pandemic has pretty much decimated the hospitality industry, once we are able to move about a bit more freely, people are certain to want to get out there and travel, and hospitality-related jobs once again will be in demand. A great hospitality resume can help set you apart from the many other applicants and ensure you end up with a great job, and we can help.

A great hospitality resume provides you with the opportunity to showcase the skills you possess that will be in demand by hiring managers. These include your customer service and people skills, your organizational skills, your management skills and your ability to multi-task. These are known as soft skills, but don’t let the word “soft” fool you, they are crucial for anyone in the hospitality industry.

What Should A Hospitality Resume Include?

Work Experience – Previous experience in the hospitality industry is always a bonus, and listing strong hospitality resume skills is important. However, if you don’t have previous experience, we often still can highlight your general skills so that hiring managers will see that you possess strong organizational, communication or managerial skills. While you might not have worked specifically in the hospitality industry, these skills are important in any type of job situation.

When it comes to the work experience section of a resume, this is one area where the work of a professional resume writer can shine. A pro can include quantifiable examples of your skills so that a hiring manager truly can see the scope of your abilities.

Education – For some positions, a college degree isn’t something that necessarily helps you attain a position. For instance, with tasks such as maintenance and housekeeping, your previous experience will be much more important. However, if you are applying for a maintenance position, it might be required that you have some sort of certification for electrical work or perhaps plumbing, etc.

With a hospitality management resume, a college degree or trade school degree can be a bonus, but even for positions such as executive chef and catering manager, your experience can be more important than a degree. Usually, degrees are more important for high-level management positions and for those just getting started in the hospitality industry, and if you have a high level of previous experience and great references, these often are more important.

An Enthusiastic Approach – An enthusiastic resume objective or perhaps a cover letter that expresses your enthusiasm for the hospitality industry can help set you apart from other job candidates. On a cover letter, you might express why you love working as a restaurant manager or front desk manager or concierge.

For instance, a concierge might state that they love the challenge of matching the perfect restaurant or activities to each guest’s tastes. A restaurant manager might state that they love helping to create an exciting working environment where staff and guests feel welcome and appreciated.

Target Keywords – These days, many resumes are run through applicant-tracking software. This software identifies specific keywords and looks for those keywords in each resume. Hiring managers also skim resumes looking for these keywords.

These terms typically are those found in the job description. A job posting for a catering manager might include qualifications such as budget planning skills, ServSafe certification, proficiency in certain computer programs, completion of an associate’s degree, etc. Ensuring that your resume includes the target keywords can be tricky, and professional resume writers can create a resume that appeals to hiring managers and applicant-tracking software.

What About Employment Gaps?

Sometimes employment gaps can be tricky to explain, but in today’s economic climate, an employment gap definitely shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Hiring managers understand that the last few months have been difficult for everyone in the hospitality industry, and they know that many people have been out of work.

Whether you have a work gap of several months where you collected unemployment or spent several months working some other type of job, hiring managers will be very understanding. This is one time in history where an employment gap won’t be held against you.

However, your ability to find other types of work can speak to your ability to adapt and improvise to difficult situations, but hiring managers also understand that many people were unable to find work or had family members that were at high risk and they wished to keep them as safe as possible.

Types Of Hospitality Resumes We Create

Through the years, our team of professional resume writers has created resumes for many different positions within the hospitality industry, including:

  • Concierges
  • Hotel Managers & Support Staff
  • Front Desk Manager & Support Staff
  • Restaurant Personnel (Managers, Chefs & Support Staff)
  • Catering Managers & Support Staff
  • Housekeeping (Management & Support Staff)
  • Maintenance (Management & Support Staff)
  • Event Planners (Management & Support Staff)

These are just a few of the many positions that might be needed at a hotel, motel, resort or even a bed & breakfast. We can create a dynamic hospitality resume that presents your skills in the best light possible to attract the attention of a hiring manager or hiring team.

In addition to creating your hospitality resume, our team of professional resume writers can create an eye-catching cover letter. A cover letter can be a great way to expand upon your skills and show some personality. We create thousands of job-winning resumes and cover letters every year, and we can help you get hired, as well.

While hotels, resorts and the like might not be hiring presently, it’s always good to be ready to start sending out resumes once the industry is up and running. If you want us to craft your hospitality resume, just head to, and choose which type of services you need.


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