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How To Get More Endorsements On LinkedIn

Networking is the most important aspect of any job search.  Getting endorsements on LinkedIn is a great way to build your network.  Here are our tips on how to get more:

With over 50 million employers on LinkedIn, building a great profile is a great way to connect with co-workers, acquaintances, and industry colleagues while simultaneously enhancing your career horizons.  With that being said, LinkedIn has a ton of useful features that you should be utilizing.  The feature will be discussing today is endorsements.

What are LinkedIn endorsements?

LinkedIn endorsements showcase your expertise in specific industries by enabling your colleagues and connections to recognize your abilities with a single click.  Furthermore, these endorsements help other people on LinkedIn see the value you bring to a role, which boosts you above others who may be applying for the same role.

A study by the Avid Careerist shows that you will increase your search ranking results if you have more endorsements for the particular skill a recruiter is looking for.

Endorsements or recommendations – What’s the difference?

Endorsements are a faster and simpler way for your connections to vouch for your expertise.  Whereas, a LinkedIn recommendation is a written testimonial.  These written testimonials are added to your profile by connections who took the time to actually write about your professional expertise – similar to a reference letter.

Although a recommendation is even more valuable to your profile’s strength than an endorsement, both are still essential for a career-boosting profile.

Millions of professionals have received endorsements from colleagues that they never even asked for.  Here are some great strategies for receiving more endorsements.

How to get endorsements on LinkedIn

List your relevant skills

Showcasing your relevant skills is something that should be done on every profile.  Review your responsibilities and determine what skills and core competencies were most essential to your tasks and most important for your specific industry.  Then ask, “Are these relevant to my current job goals?”  If the answer is yes, make sure to include them in your LinkedIn profile.  LinkedIn also enables you to showcase where you used your skills, so make sure to answer that question as well.  This list of skills gives your connections a clear map for endorsing the right talents.

Endorse fellow professionals

The golden rule also applies to your LinkedIn profile.  Give endorsements to your connections and they will be likely to return the favor!  A good rule of thumb when choosing who to endorse is to endorse the connections you know are the most active on LinkedIn.  For example, did your colleague recently write a post or send you a message?  That person is a great candidate for an endorsement.

Ask for endorsements on LinkedIn

Asking for endorsements is the most difficult – and the most effective – way of getting endorsements.  Don’t ask for endorsements unless you’re sure the person you’re requesting leave an endorsement can feel confident in your expertise.  Additionally, try to keep your endorsement requests as specific as possible.  For example, try “We worked together on that major software project, would you consider endorsing my project management expertise?”

Reminding colleagues of your contributions and collaboration will greatly increase their willingness to endorse you.

Stay active and keep your profile updated

An out-of-date LinkedIn profile isn’t likely to receive endorsements, so make sure that you’re regularly updating your profile with new content.  LinkedIn is a great place for tracking your entire career, including accomplishments, skills, and projects that you’ve worked on.  You should try to make it a habit to check your profile at least once per week, otherwise you may be missing important messages from connections while also forgetting to keep your profile updated.

Remember your manners

Once you’ve received some endorsements, it’s important to thank the people who took the time to endorse you.  Unfortunately, many people on LinkedIn take endorsements for granted and forget to say thanks.  Although this type of oversight may seem trivial, it can damage your relationship with that person and potentially limit future endorsements.

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