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Interviewing From Home? Here Are 5 Tips From Professional Resume Writers

If you are interviewing for a post across the country or perhaps too far to drive, it’s quite possible that a face-to-face interview will not be the best option. While it might be a bit awkward, a phone interview can be just as effective as meeting in person, providing you adhere to the following advice from our professional resume writers.

1. Dress For Success

When you head out for face-to-face interviews, it’s pretty obvious that you need to wear professional work clothing to this crucial meeting. However, what should you wear for an at-home interview? Although it might seem tempting to opt for yoga pants and a holey sweatshirt, it is a better idea to wear more interview appropriate attire. You don’t need to break out a suit, but getting dressed all the way down to your shoes and looking your best will put you in a more professional frame of mind.

2. Create A Safe Interview Space

If you have a private home office, this will be the ideal location for the entire. If not, you will need to select an area in your home or apartment where noise and distractions will be at a minimum. No matter where you interview, make sure the area is tidy. While this is more important during an interview via Skype or another video chatting service, a clean and tidy area also will be less distracting for you as the interviewee. Be sure to turn off the TV or radio, and if you have another phone in addition to the one you are using, be sure to turn it off completely or unplug it from the wall if it’s a landline. If you have kids or dogs, it is always best to see if someone (a spouse, friend or family member) can take them away from the house so that you can focus completely on the interview.

3. Focus On Your Presentation

One bit of advice our team of professional resume writers offers for in-person or at-home interviews is to practice your presentation. This means practice answering common interview questions in the days prior to the interview. Practice your posture and the tone of your voice. It might seem as though posture is unimportant during a phone interview, however, mimicking the same posture and behavior that you would for an in-person interview will help you feel more professional.

4. Be Prepared

Practicing your interview answers is always crucial, but you also need to be prepared in other ways. For instance, you need to research the company to which are applying and try to get some basic information about the person who will be conducting the interview. Compile a list of questions that you wish to ask about the company and the job, as well. However, avoid questions that inquire about benefits, salaries and potential for a quick promotion. These are questions to ask further down the line. For now, you simply want to learn more about the job expectations and the company culture and goals.

5. Follow Up

It might seem like a no-brainer, but be sure to say thank you at the end of your phone interview. You can simply state something to the effect of, “thank you for the opportunity to interview for this job position, and I’m happy to talk again and answer any other questions you may have.” It also is wise to send a thank-you note or email within 24 to 48 hours to express appreciation for the interview opportunity. If you aren’t quite sure what to say, this is one of the many services our professional resume writers provide.


If you are just getting started on your job hunt, Resume Writing Group offers many helpful services. Our professional resume writers can create virtually any type of resume you might need as well as cover letters, thank-you notes, LinkedIn profiles and much more. We also guarantee that if you use our resume and follow our advice but are not employed in 45 days or less, we will refund your resume payment and give you an extra $100.


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