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LinkedIn: Resume Builder Tips For Newbies

If you haven’t signed up for LinkedIn, resume builder experts know that you are missing a tremendous opportunity. LinkedIn can be a powerful networking and recruiting tool, and if you just have a basic profile or none at all, you are missing out on some serious career development possibilities.

1. Take A Professional Picture

While you should never include a photograph on your resume or cover letter, you definitely need to include one on LinkedIn. Resume builder experts also suggest that you invest in a professional picture. Wear professional clothing and smile, as you want to look competent yet personable. There are photographers that specialize in taking high-quality business profile pictures, but if you have a friend skilled in photography, this might work as well. Just ensure that your picture doesn’t include any distracting images or your friends, family members or pets. Your LinkedIn profile should focus on your business image rather than your personal life.

2. Upgrade Your URL

When you set up your LinkedIn file, LinkedIn will provide you with a random URL that directs to your profile page. However, you can upgrade this URL and change it some that it includes your name, such as It only takes a few minutes to make this change, and it’s far easier for people to remember than a series of random numbers.

3. Write A Great Headline

Recruiters scour LinkedIn searching for job candidates, and they don’t have a ton of time to spend reading through each profile. Therefore, your headline needs to convey your abilities very quickly, in less than 120 characters in fact. For instance, you might state that you are a Social Media Marketing Manager. That certainly showcases your basic skills, but there are plenty of those fish in the sea, your headline should highlight your skills and how you can help an employer.

For instance, you might state instead – Purpose-Driven Social Media Marketing that Attracts Attention & Builds Your Brand or perhaps Unleash The Power Of Social Media. Innovative Social Media Marketing Campaigns That Get Results. These include specific keywords recruiters search for and show a bit of creativity, as well.

4. Highlight Your Accomplishments

Once you’ve grabbed them with your dynamic headline, dazzle them with your list of accomplishments. However, don’t simply state that you’ve managed people, created sales campaigns or streamlined operations. Give quantifiable examples of how you’ve benefitted your previous employers and clients.

For instance, if you were an event planner, you might state that you, “organized large-scale corporate events for 500+ guests.” If you are a salesperson, you might state that you, “Created sales materials that resulted in a 200% increase in client acquisitions,” or something to that affect. Just as with your resume, your LinkedIn profile should describe your abilities and include specific examples of your work.

5. Make Connections

Once you’ve built your profile for LinkedIn, resume builder experts know that your job is far from over. You need to start making connections with other professionals. You can begin with your co-workers and friends. You simply look them up, find their profile and click on the blue Connect tab. This automatically sends an email, inviting them to connect with you.

If you need some inspiration, head to the My Network. This will provide you with a list of possible contacts, and you might find some familiar and helpful names among this group. We recommend that you connect with 40 or more individuals, and, if possible, ask a few of them to write a recommendation for you, which will be highlighted on your LinkedIn page.

6. Join A Group

In additions to making connections with your fellow humans, there are also hundreds of groups on LinkedIn. Select a few groups within your industry to keep up with the latest news and trends. You can even make some excellent connections through these groups. To find some relevant groups, click on the Work tab of your LinkedIn page, and you will see an icon for Groups. Click on that link and it will take you to a page with group suggests and you can request to join any that look interesting to you.

7. Link To Your Blog/Website

If you have a blog or a professional website, don’t forget to add this information on LinkedIn. Resume builder professionals will tell you that a thoughtful, professional blog relevant to your industry can attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. If you don’t have a blog or website, LinkedIn now allows you to write and upload articles on your LinkedIn page, so consider this option, as well.

8. Update Your Profile

From time to time, you need to spruce up your profile. Add new work experiences, upload a video relevant to your industry or change your profile picture to update your look. Search for new groups and make new connections, as this will keep your page as relevant and crisp as possible.

If you need LinkedIn resume builder services, the team at Resume Writing Group can help. In addition to creating dynamic, job-winning resumes and cover letters, we also offer LinkedIn Profile Writing. We can either edit and update your current profile or create a profile from scratch. These days, employers expect job candidates to have a strong LinkedIn profile, so don’t wait another day to start using this powerful business tool.


Jacob Mathias

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