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Make Sure To Do These Things Your First Week At Work

After you’ve hired professional resume services to craft the perfect resume and after you’ve nailed the job interview and have been hired, now it’s time to think about setting the tone for your work environment. Not only do you need to make a great first impression with your boss, but you also need to do your best to make a good impression with your co-workers during your first week of work.

1. Professional Dress Is Best

You probably wore professional attire during your interview and you should continue wearing this type of clothing at work. People who are well-groomed and well-dressed make a positive impact. Professional attire makes you look efficient and responsible and shows that you are serious about doing well at this new job. Even if the staff seems very casual, it’s usually best to continue wearing very professional clothing until you’ve really settled in. Then you can start to enjoy those casual Fridays. As resume services experts, this is a tip we’ve heard from many different clients. Not only does dressing professionally impress your co-workers, it also provides you with a boost of confidence. If you look professional, you will feel that way, too.

2. Take Plenty Of Notes

Even if you are very confident and highly skilled for the position in which you have been hired, there’s still a lot for you to learn about this new company and new job. Grab a notebook and take notes throughout those first few days and weeks. You can even jot down people’s names with short descriptions to help you remember who they are and what they do. Our team of professional resume services experts also recommends that you quickly learn the names of your co-workers and managers. Not everyone is an ace at remembering names, which is why it’s so important to write things down or use a mnemonic device to help you.

3. Read The Employee Handbook

Most companies have an employee handbook, and our professional resume services firm is no exception. This is a handy guide that can help you understand all of the basic information about the company. Sometimes you will be given your own copy, but if you don’t have your own, ask to borrow a copy and use it for some fun evening reading.

4. Take Initiative

Generally, those first few weeks at an office begin with training and lighter tasks. If you do happen to finish up a task, take the initiative and ask for some more work. When you had a resume services company create your resume, it listed all sorts of skills that you possess. Demonstrate those skills and step up to the plate and be asked to get involved in other tasks. Often, a boss or more experienced co-worker is just waiting for you to show this type of initiative. It’s good to get a reputation as someone who quickly produces quality work.

5. Understand The Social Network

One of the best ways to ingratiate yourself with your new co-workers is to simply listen when they talk. When people talk about their background, their hobbies, or their families, pay attention to what they say. Office politics, however, are something you definitely want to avoid. Be friendly, be polite, but when the gossip starts up, consider stepping aside and heading back to work. If people ask what you think about another co-worker, just smile and explain that you are new to the job and simply don’t know anyone well enough to comment.

Our team of resume services specialists also recommends that it’s wise to ask about workroom protocol. In some cases, there might be a communal coffee and tea station. Sometimes the company provides this free for employees, but in other cases, the employees might chip in. Sometimes, water bottles or snacks might be provided. Just be sure you know the rules before you take, and be sure to clean up after yourself in the workroom or lunchroom.


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