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Professional Resume Writers Share 5 Reasons Why Resumes Are Rejected

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Many people come to professional resume writers after their own resumes have been rejected by hiring managers. There are many reasons why a resume might end up in the rejection pile, but here are a few of the most common problems we see.

1. Your Resume Has Typos & Errors

As professional resume writers, we know that it’s the kiss of death when a resume has spelling mistakes and other obvious errors. This is why we guarantee that any resume you order from us will be error-free or we’ll return your money. When a hiring manager sees a spelling error or another type of careless mistake, it sends a message to them that this potential employee lacks attention to detail and perhaps isn’t taking his or her job hunt seriously enough to bother with proofreading. About 60% of hiring managers will toss a resume with typos or grammar errors, so make sure that you proofread carefully and also ask one or two other people to proofread your resume.

2. Your Resume Is Too Long

While you might have a huge and impressive list of accolades, educational experience and job experience, being too verbose on a resume is not a good idea. Keep in mind that a hiring manager could be sifting through more than 100 resumes for any given job. This person simply doesn’t have time to read a very long resume. Your resume should never extend beyond two pages, and hiring professional resume writers can be the best way to ensure that your resume or CV includes the most important information and that the less important facts are left out.

3. Your Resume Isn’t Serious Enough

While a pink, scented resume might seem like fun or you might want to use cute or edgy fonts and borders to set your resume apart from the rest, resist this urge. professional resume writers know that simple is always best when it comes to resume design. Obviously, your boss wants you to have a good personality and creativity is always a plus, but your resume is not the place where you should showcase your quirky, hipster inclinations or your ability to complete entire sentences in chatspeak.

While employers want pleasant, creative employees, their initial concern when sifting through a resume is hunting for someone with the skills and experience needed for the job. They want to know that you are serious about your job search and serious about being a great employee. Our professional resume writers can create a fantastic resume that grabs attention and truly describes why you will be a great employee.

4. Your Resume Is Filled With Clichés

On your resume, do you describe yourself as a person who is a team player who works well under pressure? Do you state that you are a hard worker and enthusiastic? While a boss does want enthusiastic hard workers that get along with co-workers, these statements are overused clichés that don’t belong on a resume. professional resume writers will be able to express that you are all of these things without using clichés. Anyone can state that they are a hard worker, but rather than place it on a resume, include a recommendation letter that speaks to this trait. If you work well under pressure, quickly list job tasks that speak to this skill. Concrete evidence is always preferable over empty phrases.

If you truly want to avoid all of these mistakes, consider hiring our professional resume writers to create a resume and cover letter for you. Our error-free resumes and CVs are sure to attract the attention of hiring managers, and, as stated before, we guarantee that all of our resumes are 100% error-free.


Jacob Mathias

Jacob Mathias is a content writer and SEO specialist for Resume Writing Groups. He also works as a web developer and designer. He's passionate about sharing ways on how to get the job you want and living life to the fullest.

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