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Resume Done Professionally? 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider It

There are plenty of articles out there describing the best way to write and format a resume. However, if you truly want a job-winning resume that attracts the attention of hiring managers, having your resume done professionally can be your best bet and there are several reasons why.

1. Professional Resumes Are Error-Free

There’s nothing that sends a resume into a trash bin faster than a spelling or grammar error. Most people are not professional writers or copy editors, so it’s easy to make an error or two when writing your own resume. When you opt to have your resume done professionally, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your document is free of careless spelling errors, as well as grammar and syntax errors. Be sure to select a resume service, such as Resume Writing Group, that provides professional writers and guarantees that more than one person will edit and review your resume before it is sent to you. Studies comparing them to their competition have been shown on Resume Builder Review sites like WhichResume.Com

While a professional resume writer might not make any crucial spelling or grammar errors, it is important that you double-check some of the information you provide. For instance, a professional writer will have no way of knowing if the contact information you provide, such as an email address or phone number, is accurate. Be sure to double check this information yourself before shipping out resumes.

2. Professional Resumes Are Dynamic

A great resume contains an assortment of descriptive, active verbs rather than passive verbs. For instance, rather that stating that you “were tasked with,” “in charge of,” or “was responsible for,” it’s better to use words such as managed, implemented, organized, coordinated and so on. A resume done professionally incorporates these active verbs, but also quantifies them to that the hiring manager quickly understands the scope of your experience.

If you wrote, “was responsible for handling inventory-related tasks,” a resume writer might transform this to read – “Designed an inventory management system that reduced company supply costs by 20%.” It is always best to show tangible evidence of your accomplishments. For instance, if you coordinated company seminars, rather than stating that you “were responsible for company events and seminars,” it would be better to stay that you, “Coordinated multiple large-scale company events with 100+ participants.” A professional resume writer understands how to use active verbs and showcase your skills in a tangible way.

3. Professional Resumes Are Software-Ready

Many companies use applicant-tracking software to narrow a large list of candidates into a more manageable set. This software skims resumes and searches for specific keywords that match the job opening. Your resume needs to include these keywords, and when you have your resume done professionally, it should appeal to hiring managers as well as applicant-tracking software. Our team of experts can craft a resume that catches the attention of hiring managers and includes important applicant-tracking keywords without simply looking like a list of keywords. It’s important to have a resume that reaches both audiences, and this is a huge reason to opt for a professional resume writer.

4. Professional Resumes Include Pertinent Information

A great resume is not just error-free, dynamic and software-ready, it also needs to be brief and include only the most important information. Typically, a resume should not extend beyond a single page and never beyond two full pages. Deciding what to include and what to omit can be tricky, and having your resume done professionally eliminates this type of guesswork. An expert resume writer knows what information is crucial, and what information is less likely to influence a hiring manager.

5. Professional Resumes Have Style

When we talk about style, we aren’t talking about adding a bunch of pomp and flair to your resume or using multiple colors and images. A great resume features a consistent style, is well-organized and easy to read. Items are listed in the same way throughout the document. For instance, if you use bullet points in one area, you don’t want to use dashes in another. You also don’t want to mix in a bunch of different typefaces. It’s best to limit yourself to one or two typefaces and keep it simple. Our resume writers will focus on creating an easy-to-read format that most hiring managers prefer.

Of course, having your resume done professional means nothing unless you select a top-notch resume writing company. At Resume Writing Group, our team of full-time, professional resume writers crafts thousands of resumes each year for clients from virtually every industry. We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, and we provide a guarantee with all of our resumes – If you use our resume and follow our advice, but you aren’t employed within 45 days (or less), we will refund your resume payment and give you an extra $100! If you are ready to get started, just click the Order Now tab at the top of our homepage. Also check us out on Top 5 Resume Writers – A Resume Builder Review Site!


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