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Resume Services Online? 5 Crucial Reasons Why You Need It

There are many options for resume services online, but many people resist paying a professional to create their resume. This, however, could be a huge mistake that could cost you a dream job. If you aren’t convinced to go with a pro, read our list of crucial reasons why you need an experienced resume writer.

1. Many Resumes Contain Errors

Depending on which study you read, anywhere from 40% to 60% of ALL resumes contain at least one typo and often more. Most hiring managers will throw away a resume with a single misspelled word or an obvious grammar or syntax error. We review resumes for our clients all the time, and we can tell you that at least half do contain a typo. An error-free resume is vital, and professional resume writers can ensure that your resume is free from typos and other careless errors.

2. Your Resume Needs To Attract Attention

An error-free resume is important, but you also need to grab the attention of a hiring manager. Most hiring managers only spend about 30 seconds to a minute reading each resume, but a dynamic, well-written and well-organized resume is likely to make them stop in their tracks and read your resume more carefully, and that’s the flair that a professional resume writer can provide.

3. Many Resumes Are Too Generic

You could create a resume that lists all of your skills and accompaniments, but is this really what a hiring manager needs to see? Most hiring teams are looking for a very particular set of skills, and they don’t want to see a resume that’s too generic. Professional resume writers know how to tailor a resume to a specific type of job, listing the information and skills that hiring managers want to see.

4. We’ve Mastered The Art Of The Resume

When writing a resume, you don’t want to list too much, but you do want to include the most important details. You don’t want a bland design, but you don’t want an overly ornate design. You want it to appeal to hiring managers, but also appeal to applicant-tracking software. You want to use active verbs, but it can be tricky to decide which verbs to use. Resume writing is a bit of an art form, so it just makes sense to leave it to the professionals, those of us who have spent years writing resumes and talking with hiring managers.

5. It’s Not Just About Resumes

If you’ve been having trouble finding a great job, you might need more than just a great resume and resume services online typically provide more than just resume writing services. At Resume Writing Group, we also can create eye-catching cover letters, compelling LinkedIn profiles, a social media analysis and career coaching. All of these services can help you find a job that’s truly a perfect fit.

If you’ve been searching for resume services online, but aren’t sure which option to select, we highly recommend that you use our service, Resume Writing Group. We employ only professional, full-time resume writers with experience writing resumes for a myriad of industries. We also back our resumes with a unique guarantee. If you use our resume and our advice, but aren’t hired in 45 days or fewer, we will refund your resume price. You truly have nothing to lose, so contact us today for a great new resume.


Jacob Mathias

Jacob Mathias is a content writer and SEO specialist for Resume Writing Groups. He also works as a web developer and designer. He's passionate about sharing ways on how to get the job you want and living life to the fullest.

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