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Resume Writing Companies: 7 Phrases We Never Use

At Resume Writing Group, we review and rewrite hundreds upon hundreds of resumes throughout the course of the year. We find that many of these resumes are peppered with phrases and words that are vague and meaningless. Great resume writing companies understand that a truly awesome resume avoids cliché-driven verbiage, such as the following phrases, which need to be retired from the language of resumes.

1. Hard Worker

Hopefully, you are a hard worker, but this phrase is meaningless. Maybe you work above and beyond every day of the week and then some, but if you aren’t producing results, it doesn’t really matter. Rather than express your amazing work ethic, focus instead on your accomplishments so that an employer can truly understand your capabilities.

2. Team Player

This is another one of those vague terms that resume writing companies often see on the resumes they review. Obviously, a hiring manager wants to select employees that work well with others, but rather than state your skills as a “team player,” list examples on your resume that speak to your ability to work with a group. Anyone can say they work well with others, but proving this fact is another matter entirely. During a job interview, you can sell yourself as a team player by describing scenarios where you worked with a group and achieved or surpassed set goals.

3. Creative

Of course, creativity is important, but rather than state that you are creative, why not state what you actually created? Resume writing companies know that it is crucial that you quantify all of the facts on your resume. For instance, you might state that you “created a sales strategy that increased profitability by 25%,” or “created a work-flow system that improved productivity by 40%.” This provides the hiring manager with a clearer picture of your talents. In addition to removing the word “creative” from your resume, resist the urge to substitute the phrase, “out-of-the-box thinker,” as well.

4. Motivated

This is definitely a phrase you need to remove from your resume immediately. You should be motivated. Why would anyone want to hire a slacker? Along those same lines, if you have the words “go-getter” in your resume, go get them out.

5. Dynamic

Dynamic is another one of those words that seems highly descriptive, yet manages to say nothing at all. Consider your resume from the perspective of a hiring manager. If you list yourself as a “dynamic, creative, motivated team player,” this still gives the hiring manager no idea what you actually can achieve. It’s just a big bunch of adjectives that say nothing. It’s always better to use active verbs that truly express your qualifications.

6. Detailed-Oriented

While careful attention to details is important, there are many job candidates out there that also are highly “detailed-oriented,” so this phrase won’t really set you apart from the pack so leave it out. Furthermore, if your resume includes a grammar or spelling error, then your ability to mind the details rings a bit false. (As a side note, this is a huge reason to consider using top-notch resume writing companies, as we don’t make careless spelling, grammar and syntax errors.)

7. Problem-Solver

Companies really do need employees with solid problem solving skills, and you can showcase these skills on a resume without actually using these overused words. For instance, perhaps you might expressed that you “resolved customer disputes,” or “negotiated multi-million dollar deals,” or “improved employee scheduling,” or “created an inventory management system, reducing costs by 25%.” All of these phrases speak to your ability to solve company problems.

The bottom line is that hiring managers want to see resumes that quickly express your skills with quantifiable examples. Great resume writing companies know precisely how to achieve this goal, which is a huge reason why you should consider hiring a professional to revise or write your resume. If you notice some (or all) of these phrases on your resume, contact Resume Writing Group today and let us upgrade your resume and cover letter. Your resume provides a hiring manager with their first impression of you, so it’s imperative that this document truly expresses your skills and achievements.


Jacob Mathias

Jacob Mathias is a content writer and SEO specialist for Resume Writing Groups. He also works as a web developer and designer. He's passionate about sharing ways on how to get the job you want and living life to the fullest.

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