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Resume Writing Group Reviews: What You Need To Know

If you are investing your hard-earned money in a resume, you deserve a high-quality product and there are tons of resume writing services out there. If you search for Resume Writing Group reviews, frankly, you’ll find some great reviews and some that aren’t so awesome. Well, there’s a reason for that.

Many of these reviews are fake.

A few of our competitors have created websites specifically with the purpose of spreading misinformation and bad reviews about their competitors. We aren’t the only target out there, either. Several of our competitors also have had their good name drug through the mud by an unscrupulous rival.

So, if you can’t trust the reviews, how do you pick a great resume writing service?

Whether you use our service or another service, there are a few ways to gauge the general quality of a company, including:

1. They Belong To Professional Organizations

There are several professional organizations just for resume writers, and we belong to the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches, as well as the National Resume Writers’ Association.

If a resume company belongs to one of these organizations or another professional association, it doesn’t guarantee that their work will be awesome, but it does indicate that they take themselves seriously.

At Resume Writing Group, we take advantage of many of the webinars, workshops and conferences held by these organizations as they help us hone our skills and learn the latest trends in resume writing across many industries.

2. A Full-Time Staff Is Crucial

Many resume writing companies hire part-timers or stringers to write the resumes. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your resume will be of poor quality, but if the writers are just outsourcers, you can’t really guarantee consistency or quality.

At Resume Writing Group, we do not hire part-timers. All of our writers are full-time experienced resume writers. You can learn more about each member of our team by clicking on the Who We Are tab on our homepage. You’ll find a link there to short bios on each writer. Most of our writers hold advanced college degrees and all of them have many years of resume writing experience.

3. Study The Guarantee

If a resume writing company doesn’t provide a written guarantee on its website, it’s smart to just walk away. If a company doesn’t stand behind its work, there’s probably a reason for that.


Before you select any company, be sure to study their guarantee. At Resume Writing Group our guarantee is pretty straightforward and fairly unique for the industry. If you use our resume, but are not hired in 45 days for less, we not only will refund the cost of your resume, we’ll give you an additional $100.

We feel very confident that our writing team can provide you with an error-free, job-winning resume that will attract the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter. Hearing the words, “I’ve been hired!” is music to our ears. If you aren’t hired after that 45 day period, we also will review and revise your resume at no additional charge.

4. Cost Isn’t Always An Indicator

You can find free resume templates on the internet, and while these can help you a bit with design, they aren’t helpful when it comes to writing the content. Additionally, we’ve seen cheap resumes for just $29, $39 or $49, but we cannot imagine that these would provide you with a high-quality result.

Typically, you can expect to pay about $80 to $90 for an entry-level resume and more than $100 for a professional-level resume. If you are searching for an executive position, these tend to start around $175 and sometimes can cost as much as $250. Federal and government resumes also tend to cost about $175 or more.

Generally, the most reputable resume writing companies charge the same fees for their services, give or take a couple of dollars. So, cost is really not a litmus test of quality. There’s that old saying, you get what you pay for, but it doesn’t really apply with our industry unless you decide to purchase a very cheap resume. If you opt for the $29 resume, you definitely will get what you paid for – a poor quality resume.

To cap it off, you can’t always believe the Resume Writing Group reviews that you read or the reviews for many other sites, so it’s best to consider other factors when selecting a resume company.

If you do see a bad Resume Writing GroupResume Writing Group review or a bad review for another company, consider the source of the review. Is it a random website devoted to trashing one single resume company? You’ll find several of these websites out there, and they literally were created just to hurt the competition. They aren’t even comparing several companies and pointing out the pros and cons, they are simply posting fake reviews they created in order to cast doubt on the company.

It’s a sad reality in our industry, but the good news is that there are some great reputable companies that produce stellar resumes. While we do, of course, hope you’ll choose Resume Writing Group for your resume and cover letter services, if you opt for another service, definitely use the advice listed above, as it can help you choose a top-notch company.


Jacob Mathias

Jacob Mathias is a content writer and SEO specialist for Resume Writing Groups. He also works as a web developer and designer. He's passionate about sharing ways on how to get the job you want and living life to the fullest.

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