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Writing A Retail Manager Resume – With Examples!

Similar to resume writing, retail is a numbers game, so having concrete examples of where you’ve improved bottom-line performance is critical to writing a resume that will successfully get you hired in a management position in the retail sector.  Our team of resume writers knows to look for measurable accomplishments, such as how much you reduced shrink, what size budget you managed, and how much you increased sales revenue.  These types of accomplishments, while essential, must also be paired with the other key factor of ANY retail management resume – Team Building.

Everyone knows that employee turnover is something all retail companies are concerned with, especially in a tight labor market like we currently have.  Therefore, you’ll want to showcase on your resume how you’ve built teams and reduced turnover in the past.  For example, in this resume, we’ve included multiple bullet points about how this manager recruited new staff, provided hands-on training to those staff, and stepped in as a resource and mentor when those staff members needed a little extra assistance to keep them on the right path.  This balance between measurable accomplishments and team building will impress any employer and substantially increase your chances of being hired for a top retailer like Walmart, Kohls, or Bed Bath & Beyond.

Beyond the content, you need a great format and great style.  With many employers receiving hundreds or even thousands of applications, a boring resume just won’t get the job done any longer.  You need your resume to be unique and the best way to do that is to add some color, add a border, and use some fancy dividers.  Similarly, nothing makes a recruiter’s eyes glaze over faster than a messy resume.  If you can’t capture an employer’s attention in 10 seconds or less, you’re just not going to get hired – it’s as simple as that!  Make sure to break your resume up into logical sections that make it clear what you’re trying to convey.

Retail Manager Sample

Retail Manager Sample

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