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Serving Up The Perfect Barista Resume

At Resume Writing Group, we create resumes for people in a wide range of industries. Resumes for baristas is just one of our areas of specialization, and if you need a job-winning barista resume, our coffee-loving writers are equal to the task.

Did you know that there are more than 30,000 specialty coffee shops in the United States alone? That figure doesn’t include all of the many restaurants that also might need a barista on staff, not to mention hotels and event centers. If you’ve been thinking about a career as a barista, but aren’t sure if it’s a great match for you, consider our list of 7 skills that all baristas should possess:

1. Customer Service Skills

Yeah, customers aren’t always awesome. Especially before their first cup of coffee, right? Of course, customer service isn’t just about taming the savage beast; it’s also about building a rapport with your clients and making them feel welcome.

The best baristas get to know their regular clients and do their best to make a connection with customers that might just be coming in for the first time. Great customer service is one of the best forms of advertising a company can possess. Even if you work in a chain coffee shop, do your best to make your location stand out from the rest.

Of course, if you are good at soothing a snarky customer, that’s another bonus. Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes people are impatient, but if you can handle these situations calmly, you have the makings for a great barista.

2. An Ability To Multitask

There are bound to be times when there are just one or two customers in the shop, but during certain hours you might be fixing dozens of drinks at once. Being able to stay on task to make one drink might be a snap, but if you are fixing three cappuccinos, an Americano, two blended beverages, an iced green tea and a matcha chai latte all at once, this can be quite the balancing act.

Obviously, if you are just getting started in the industry, this type of skill might take some time to build. But if you already are great at multi-tasking in your current job, this skill will transfer over and serve you well.

3. Stress Management Skills

This one definitely works along with number two on our list. At certain times of the day, a coffee shop can be crammed with customers, all in a hurry and often impatient for their lattes and espressos and double tall non-fat mochaccinos. Being able to handle stress is definitely a factor for anyone wanting a career as a barista.

4. Attention To Detail

Coffee orders can be quite complicated. One order might ask for soy milk and no caffeine, while another order wants two pumps of syrup instead of the usual four. Some fancier coffee shops feature baristas that turn out concoctions that aren’t just tasty but practically a work of art.

Being able to prepare a luscious latte, a marvelous mocha and captivating cappuccino is part of the job, and you might even be asked to transform foam into a beautiful design. This takes practice, but customers definitely appreciate this extra attention to detail.

5. Reliability

Do you show up for work on time consistently? When a manager can always count on you, and never worries that you aren’t going to be there on time and ready to work, this is huge. Even if you have no barista skills (yet), if your references rave about your dependability and reliability, this is a characteristic that every boss wants and needs.

6. Solid Teamwork Skills

If you’ve ever watched several baristas working during a busy period of time, you definitely can see that working in a coffee shop requires a high level of teamwork. You have to depend on each other and anticipate when your co-workers need an extra hand. If you are known for your ability to work with others, definitely highlight this skill on your barista resume.

7. A True Passion For Coffee (and maybe tea)

Managers always are looking for people that are enthusiastic about their job. If you love coffee in all its forms from Arabian mocha to a vibrant Zimbabwe blend, this can be a promising career for you.

As a barista, you will be able to experience many different types of coffee and coffee drinks, which can be a lot of fun and it’s exciting to work in a field that ignites your passion. If you aren’t already, as a barista, you will become a coffee expert, a coffee sommelier in effect, which is an actual thing, although it requires quite a bit of experience and you could jumpstart your career as a coffee sommelier with a position as a barista.

Of course, your first step will be to create a barista resume. If you are just getting started, we can help you with an entry-level barista resume that highlights the aforementioned skills, even if you honed those skills in another profession.

We also can create a resume for a barista with several years or many years of experience. So, if you wish to advance your career and move up in the barista world, we can provide you with a job-winning resume that speaks to your talents and strengths.


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