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Settling In To Your New Job: Resume Writing Service Experts Weigh In

Obtaining a new job is always exciting, but once the thrill of being hired fades a bit, you might feel a little anxious at the thought of your first days at work. We can provide you with a few tips to make the first weeks at a new job a bit easier.

1. Start Building Relationships With Co-Workers

Making a good first impression with co-workers is of the utmost importance during your first few weeks on the job. Don’t be shy about introducing yourself to people at the office, and take a genuine interest in learning a little bit about everybody. It can be hard to remember everyone’s name, but there are a few tricks that can be helpful.

One tip from the staff at our Professional Resume Writing Service is to be sure to repeat a person’s name during your initial conversation. For instance, if a person says, “Hi, my name is Donna,” reply by saying, “It’s nice to meet you, Donna.” If you can fit the name in one more time during the conversation, that can further help you remember the person’s name.

Another tip from Professional Resume Writing Service employees is to associate a person with an object or image to help you remember their name. For instance, maybe you meet a man named Dave who is from Denver. You can call him Denver Dave in your head, which might help your brain remember this specific person. You can also focus on a physical feature, such as curly hair or a beard, and associate a person with that physical feature. If possible, make some notes about the people in your office and review them during those first few days. You might write down names, titles, and a fact or two that will help you remember everyone’s names and their positions at the company.

On a side note, steer clear of office politics. If a co-worker badmouths another co-worker behind their back, don’t get involved and don’t comment. Be friendly and polite to everyone, and be wary of co-workers who complain about others, especially people who have no problem venting their disdain of other co-workers to you, a new employee. Instead, befriend co-workers who have a positive attitude and seem to work well with others, and stay on task. You will learn more from these people and have a better experience in general at your job.

2. Notes, Notes & More Notes

Be sure to arrive on your first day with a notebook and some pens and use them to take plenty of notes. As writers, the staff at our Professional Resume Writing Service understands the importance of writing information down on paper. Not only does this provide you with a place to look if you have a question, writing information down helps your brain commit the information to memory. After all, you don’t want to have to ask your co-workers or boss the same questions over and over again. It’s hard to remember everything during those first few weeks, so taking notes is essential.

Takedown notes on everything. You can organize them by category to make them easier to find. Have a section where you write down people’s names and job descriptions. In another section, write down basic office information and procedures. This includes where to get office supplies, basic rules about the staff kitchen area, etc. Of course, your Professional Resume Writing Service experts also recommend that you write down plenty of information about your specific job.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Involved

During the first weeks at a new job, it’s not unusual to be given a lighter workload. If you find yourself at loose ends, don’t be afraid to ask someone else if you can help with another project. Professional Resume Writing Service experts know that people who offer to help and can work together with other employees are always valued as co-workers and employees. Offering to help can be a great way to get to know co-workers better and learn more about the organization in general.

If you have yet to secure employment, our Professional Resume Writing Service can help in many ways. In addition to writing top-notch resumes, we also can create cover letters, thank-you notes and provide career counseling. Our resumes also come with a special guarantee. If you aren’t employed in 45 days or less, not only will we give you your money back, we also will give you an extra $100.

Our Professional Resume Writing Service employees can craft all types of resumes, including student and entry-level resumes as well as professional resumes, executive resumes and even federal and government resumes. If you already have a resume, email it over to us and we will provide you with a free critique.


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