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The Top 10 Resume Writing Tips

As a professional resume writing service, we naturally recommend that people hire a pro to write their resume. Professionals, after all, know what hiring managers want to see and we can create dynamic and error-free resumes that boost your chance for employment. Still, if you choose to write your own, take heed of our top resume writing tips.

1. Keep It Short

Unless you are seeking a high-level executive position, your resume should never exceed a single page or a page and a half at most. Hiring managers don’t have time to read a full two or three-page resume, so keep your resume short and simple.

2. Gather Only Pertinent Information

This definitely goes hand in hand with our first tip. Hiring managers take just a few minutes (or seconds) to skim over each resume they receive, and while they read the are searching for the specific skills that they need. Skip information about your hobbies, hopes and dreams and don’t include work history from high school (unless this is your first professional job experience, then it might be pertinent). Additionally, don’t add skills that everyone has, such as your proficiency with Microsoft Word. That’s kind of a given, and it wastes precious resume writing space.

3. Edit, Edit & Edit Again

Don’t rely on a spell-checking software to edit your resume. These programs don’t always pick up on careless errors, so it’s imperative that you read over your resume carefully several times. Ask a friend or family member to look over the resume as well. For our professional resume writing, we don’t send your resume to you until it’s been edited by the writer as well as professional resume editor. Two sets of eyes are always better than one. Be sure to look out for careless errors such as confusing words such as your and you’re or perhaps there, their and they’re.

4. Edit Your Contact Information With Care

Even if you opt for professional resume writing, you absolutely must ensure that your contact information is correct. A resume writer won’t make careless grammar, spelling and syntax errors, but they won’t know whether or not your contact information is correct, so be sure to look at this portion of your resume carefully to check your email address, website URL and phone numbers.

5. Create A Professional Image

Don’t send out resumes with your personal email. Create a professional email that simply features your name, such as JohnASmith@yahoo. An unprofessional email address, such as LovesUnicorn@hotmail or OceanGirl7@gmail don’t make a good impression. A simple basic email address is best, and this also makes it easier to keep all of your professional business contacts in one place. Additionally, do not use the email from your current place of business. This looks very unprofessional and sends a message to potential employers that you have no problem using company time for personal tasks.

6. Research Jobs Carefully

Before you send out resumes, start looking at job postings in your industry. Look carefully at the requirements of each posting and don’t apply unless you meet most of the job requirements. If you find that most of the jobs you want require skills that you don’t have, it might be best to attain those skills first and then start applying for your dream job.

7. Tailor Your Resume & Make It Fit

Once you have your basic resume completed, be ready to alter it to fit each job posting. For instance, you might possess an array of skills, but only certain skills or qualifications might be needed for a specific job. It is crucial that the resume feature the skills that the hiring manger needs to see. This person is looking for the best fit for the company, so ensure that your resume fits the job description. This is another good reason to opt for professional resume writing, as we know precisely what type of information hiring managers want to see and for a wide range of industries and jobs.

8. Use Active Verbs

Too often, people use weak, passive verbs when creating their resume. For instance, one might say they “were responsible” for certain tasks or “were tasked with” such and such responsibilities. Instead of using words such as was or were, think about words such as managed, led, created and developed. Instead of saying you “were responsible for inventory management,” state that you “Developed a company-wide inventory management system that reduced supply costs by 20%.” This shows the hiring manager a concrete example of what you accomplished, and it’s always wise to quantify each skill you possess with an example of how that skill benefitted your employer.

9. Use Dynamic Keywords

Of course, when you create a resume these days, you have to think about applicant tracking software as well as hiring managers. This software skims over resumes searching for specific keywords that fit the job description. It is important that your resume contains these keywords. As a professional resume writing service, we understand how to create a resume that attracts hiring managers as well as applicant tracking software.

10. Create A Clean Design

Doubtless, you’ve done searches for resumes and seen images of amazing resume design. If you are worried that your graphic design skills aren’t good enough to impress a hiring a manager, take a deep breath and stop worrying. Hiring managers aren’t looking at design, they are focused on content. Still, a clean and simple design is important. Unless you are a wiz at graphic design, don’t use more than two fonts and use the same format throughout the resume. For instance, if you boldface the header for “Education,” be sure to keep the headers for “Work Experience” and “Additional Skills” bold as well.

Of course, if you hire us for resume writing, you won’t have to worry about our tips or whether or not your resume is error-free. Additionally, we stand behind all of our resumes with a unique guarantee. If you use our resume and follow our advice, but are not employed in 45 days or less, we will refund the cost of the resume and give you an additional $100. No other resume writing company stands behind their writing with a guarantee like ours, so don’t wait another day to start your job search. Contact us now and let our team of professional resume writers help.


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