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What Are All The Different Types of Resumes?

A resume is a document that should truly showcase your skills and talents as an individual. Beyond simply providing potential employer information regarding your qualifications, a resume needs to be tailored to the specific job you seek as well as your level of experience. At our professional resume writing service, we write all types of resumes, including the following.

Entry Level Resumes & CVs

Many of our clients are just finishing their education and preparing to enter the workforce. Obviously, their resume or CV will not have a long list of work experience related to the job the person is seeking. A professional resume writing service, however, can maximize your strengths when crafting your entry-level resume.

While you may not have years of work experience, you certainly do have training and education to highlight as well as a list of jobs you’ve held that demonstrate your responsibility and work ethic. In addition, you also have references that can be contacted by potential employers. We can place all of this information on your resume and make it dynamic enough to stand out from the crowd. Our entry-level resumes also are quite affordable, at just $89, as budget is almost always a serious consideration for the entry-level employee.

In addition, our resume service can help you with cover letters, thank you letters and help you polish your interview skills. At our resume service, we also can create letters of recommendation for you. Often a previous employer or a reference is happy to help you but simply doesn’t have the time to write a good letter of reference. We can write powerful letters of recommendation, and then your references can sign them.

Professional Resumes

For a person with a few years of work experience, a resume will be quite a bit different than an entry-level resume. Most of the resumes we create at our professional resume writing service fall into this category. This includes people with just two or three year’s worth of work experience up to 20 years or more.

A professional resume typically will include two pages detailing education, skills, and work experience, and the objective of a professional resume differs from that of an entry-level resume. When seeking an entry-level position, a person is focused on their career goals for the future. A professional resume is presented in such a way that it is clear to a hiring team how the applicant will contribute to the overall success of an organization. At this point in your career, you have gained confidence in your abilities and come to a new job with a clearly defined skill set.

Executive Resumes

For the individual with professional work experience who is seeking a managerial post or a more senior position, our resume service includes crafted executive-level resumes. These will showcase your ability to lead others as well as your skills in developing short-term and long-term goals for an organization and following through on these goals.

Whether it is your first time seeking a senior management position or you have years of managerial experience, we can craft a professional executive resume that fits the bill for the position you seek.

Military & Federal Government Resumes

If you are a member of the armed services, you have acquired a unique set of skills, and these skills make you a valuable employee. However, once you are ready to transition from the military world to the private sector or perhaps even apply for a federal or government job, you will need a special type of resume. Your experience is vastly different from a person who just graduated from college and is seeking entry-level work, and your experience is different from a person with several years of work experience in the private sector.

That’s where our professional resume writing service comes in. We have resume writers that specialize in crafted dynamic military federal resumes. These types of resumes help employers understand how your military accomplishments and the skills you learned will make you a valuable part of their team.


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