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Working Abroad: Job Tips & Help With A Resume

Travel certainly can enrich your life and alter your perspective, but if you truly want to immerse yourself in another culture, working abroad can be a fantastic opportunity. Before you take the plunge, however, you’ll need to ponder a few details, such as where to live and where to get help with a resume.

Pick A Country

It’s possible that you will choose a country or city based upon your previous travels. Perhaps you fell in love with Barcelona or Buenos Aires, and know precisely where you want to be. If not, your first step should be to select a few countries where you might want to work and do some research about these countries and the cities within them. You need to learn about different neighborhoods, the culture, the cuisine, the medical care and the languages spoken.

It’s a good idea; if possible, to set up a trip to the countries or cities that are at the top of the list to gauge whether or not, it will be a good fit. However, that’s not always convenient or financially viable, which is why it’s crucial that you research the area before making a move. Learn what other expatriates have to say about living in the country, and learn a bit about the customs, before you step off the plane.

Finding A Job

In some cases, a job might find you. Perhaps the company where you work will be transferring you or perhaps you will be recruited by a foreign company. If not, your first step should be to start searching for international jobs. There are several websites where you can search for jobs in countries throughout the world. Sites such as Monster, CareerJet and Indeed list international jobs, and there are sites that list jobs in specific regions or for specific industries.

If your main goal is the travel experience, and perhaps not career advancement, you might consider taking on a teaching position or perhaps even working for a volunteer organization for a short amount of time. There are volunteer opportunities in just about any country imaginable, from Australia to Zambia, and these can be an excellent way to learn about another culture or country, as well as helping others along the way.

The Paper Chase

Obviously, you’ll need a valid passport in order to travel internationally and help with a resume to provide potential employers, but you also need a work visa and this can be a bit tricky as every country has different rules about visas. For instance, if you want to work in France, there are actually several different types of work visas, depending on your situation. However, if you are a resident of Switzerland or the EU, then you don’t need a work visa in France.

If you want to work in China, you must first apply for a Z visa and then your employer will need to attain a temporary residence permit for you as the Z visa only allows you to stay in China for 30 days. If Australia is your top choice, you need either to apply for a Skilled Migration Visa or a Sponsored Work Visa. The first of these indicates that you possess a skill needed by the Australian workforce, while the second indicates that you have been hired by an Australian employer or an Australian government agency.

Beyond the work visas, each country may have other requirements. For instance, Australia requires that you demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Other countries require specific vaccinations before entering the country. China requires you to bring proof of your academic qualifications, such as a college diploma or a certificate from a trade school.

Help With A Resume

When applying for a job in a foreign country, you should be able to provide two resumes. The first will be an American resume, the same document you would provide for domestic employers. The second should be a resume designed specifically for the country where you will be moving.

For instance, a resume in the United Kingdom, known as a CV, looks much different than an American resume. Resumes in France and Germany are more similar to American resumes, but they usually should include a photograph, which you would never include with an American resume. In many countries, the resumes should include your age and marital status and number of children, which American employers can’t even ask you about. Research what employers in other countries wish to see in the resume, and well as researching the proper resume format.

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