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Quitting A Job? Read Our 5 Tips From Resume Writers

Quitting a job is a process that happens to all of us at one time or another in our lives, and it can be quite tricky knowing exactly what to say and do. To help make it easier, our resume writers have compiled a brief list of tips for your perusal.

1. Provide Plenty Of Notice

In some cases, you may have signed a contract that states how much notice you will be required to give, so be prepared to work for that agreed-upon amount of time. Be sure that your new boss (presuming that you have one) understands the length of time you need to give to your former employer. If you have no contractual obligations, providing two-weeks’ notice is still customary.

2. Schedule A Face-To-Face Meeting

Generally, resume writers always recommend meeting your boss face-to-face when resigning from your post. If you work remotely, however, it can be appropriate to schedule a phone meeting and then resign over the phone. Emails or handwritten notes are never a great way to sever a business relationship, and, as they say, it is unwise to burn bridges. You never know when your former boss might be a helpful business contact.

3. Write A Resignation Letter

Not only should you schedule a face-to-face meeting, if possible, it also is wise to include a typewritten resignation letter. This should be a formal letter, dated and signed, clearly stating that you are resigning and setting the date by which the resignation will be effective. Typically, this date will be two weeks in the future, as it is customary to provide that amount of notice.

It also is wise to express appreciation for the opportunities you have received during your tenure in the office. While we read plenty of funny, angst-ridden resignation letters on the internet, it is best to be as professional as possible. Even if the work experience has been less than pleasant, it is not wise to state this is resignation letter. As resume writers and career coaches, we know that keeping the tone as professional as possible is always the best way to go.

4. Clean Up Your Computer

Several days before you give notice, delete any personal messages or files. It also is wise to remove login information or passwords to sites that you use for personal business, such as a credit card account or perhaps a social media site, etc. When you hand in your resignation, it is possible that your boss will ask you to leave immediately, rather than working the final two weeks. In that case, you won’t have any time to clean up your files and probably just enough time to pack up your desk.

5. Don’t Leave Without Saying Goodbye

While it’s not wise to discuss your resignation with co-workers prior to informing your boss, you also don’t want to leave without saying goodbye. It can be tricky sometimes to say goodbye to everyone in person, so be sure to send out a thoughtful email to everyone, letting them know that you are transitioning to a new job or new experience and possibly including contact information in case they ever need to get in touch.

Of course, before you resign, you will want to have another job lined up and that’s where Resume Writing Group can help. Our team of resume writers can provide you with a top-notch resume, cover letter, career coaching and much more. Our work also comes with a guarantee – If you use our resume and follow our career advice, we guarantee that you will be hired in 45 days or less. If not, we will refund the cost of your resume and pay you an additional $100.


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