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When a company posts an open job position, they often receive hundreds or even thousands of resumes in response. As professional resume writers, our job is to create dynamic resumes that make your resume stand out among hundreds of other applicants. While we want to attract the attention of a hiring manager, we also want to make certain that your professional resume will make the cut if it’s processed via applicant tracking software.

How Applicant Tracking Works

If you’ve never heard of applicant tracking software (ATS), this is a type of software program that can weed through tons of resumes and select those that best match a given job position. Often, a company will filter resumes through an ATS before a hiring manager even looks at them, so it is essential to create professional resumes that appeal to humans as well as software programs.

Basically, these software programs search resumes looking for specific keywords that relate to a job position. These might include specific skills, certifications, education, software programs and other keywords. If your resume doesn’t contain the right keywords, the ATS won’t rank you as a top match for the job. Therefore, it is imperative that your resume be filled with dynamic keywords.

How We Can Help

You might think that you can simply cram a resume full of keywords and the software program will declare you a 5-star match for a job. However, this is not a great option. These software programs are sophisticated enough to identify when a resume has been stuffed with too many keywords, and if your resume does end up being seen by a human, a resume with too many keywords can look awkward and it’s obvious that you were simply trying to get past the software phase.

Our resume writers understand how to create resumes that attract attention from hiring managers, but we also understand the importance of filling a resume with the appropriate keywords so that an ATS will rank you as a good match for a job. We can create a professional resume that works for any type of situation. This will be a resume you can post online, a resume you can email to a potential employer and an email that will pass the test of an applicant tracking system.

These applicant tracking systems also skim resumes for mistakes, such as misspellings. If your resume has a misspelled word, the ATS will dump it immediately. This is yet another reason to consider using Resume Writing Group. We simply don’t make those kinds of errors, so you will have the confidence in knowing that your resume is suitable for any type of review.

If you need any type of resume, from an entry-level resume suitable for a recent college grad to a professional resume for a person with several years of work experience, we can help. We also can create resumes for high-level executives and managers as well as government, military and federal resumes.

Our professional resumes come with a unique guarantee: If you use our professional resume and follow our advice, but are not hired within 45 days, we will refund the cost of the resume and give you an additional $100. No other resume service is confident enough to provide you with that level of a guarantee, so contact us today and let’s get started on your future career.


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