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Resume Review Service Tips: 5 Things Grads Need To Know

As the college years are winding down, and your gearing up for a job search, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, to say the least. As a resume review service, we’ve talked with many hiring managers and compiled some advice for entry-level employees and soon-to-be college graduates.

1. Get Into Professional Mode

It can be difficult to make the transition from school and studying to becoming a professional. Start thinking about the professional you as soon as possible. Set up an email for professional use and build a LinkedIn page for yourself. Our resume review service isn’t just here to provide you with a killer resume, we offer many other services. We can help you create an eye-catching LinkedIn profile, which is a fantastic networking tool. You’ll many job postings on this site, and recruiters often use this site to find job candidates.


2. Clean Up Social Media

If your social media history reads like a scene in Animal House, it would be wise to clean up your image a bit. Posts that are political, laced with profanity or those which show inappropriate pictures are red flags for many employers. These days, most employers will check sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so forth before they hire you and often before they even call you in for an interview. Take a look at your profile and revise it so that you sound more professional. If you belong to controversial groups or follow controversial people, consider unfollowing these groups and people or perhaps tightening up your security settings. You also could consider following groups that relate to your chosen industry, as this showcases your interest and you probably will gain some valuable information.

3. Research Jobs That Fit Your Skills

Many people mistakenly believe that they should send out hundreds of resumes for many different positions. However, it is best to send out 25 or 30 resumes that truly fit your skills and inclinations. Research each company carefully to see if it’s a match to your career goals and seems to have the type of company culture you might enjoy.

Keep in mind that hiring managers understand that entry-level grads lack industry work experience. They will be interested to know about your other non-industry work experiences as well as internships and any leadership positions you might have held during your college years or perhaps even high school. With entry-level grads, it’s often your personality, general achievements and work habits that will get you that great job.

At our resume review service, we offer Career Coaching services and this can be a huge help to an entry-level grad. For this service, one of our professional career coaches will spend a half-hour on the phone with you discussed your goals and how to make your career shoot ahead in leaps and bounds. We also can provide you with a written document that outlines your competencies, benchmarks, milestones and more. This document can be a huge help as you practice for upcoming interviews, and we highly recommend that you practice.

4. Seek Additional Training

While you might not have any experience in your industry, you (hopefully) are working toward complete a college degree that fits the industry where you wish to work. So, you probably have acquired at least a few of the necessary skills. For instance, if you are applying for an engineering job, you probably might have attained certain certifications. If you seek a job in accounting, you may have passed the CPA exam and your classes should have prepared you for entry-level accounting work.

However, if you notice that most of the jobs you want require skills or training you don’t have, consider learning these skills. Not only will hiring managers appreciate your extra effort, you will be easier to train and you won’t feel so overwhelmed in your new job position.

5. Use Our Professional Resume Review Service

We’ve talked a bit about our career coaching and LinkedIn profile writing, but our main focus is to provide our clients with dynamic, job-winning resumes and cover letters. Using a professional resume review service, such as Resume Writing Group, can be the best way to ensure that your resume truly attracts the attention of hiring managers. These professionals spend less than one minute reading each resume they receive, so yours has to stand out, and we can help.

We are a top-rated professional resume review service. We guarantee that your resume will be flawless and we also guarantee that if you use our resume and follow our advice, but aren’t hired in 45 days or less, we will refund the price of your resume. Contact us today, and a professional writer will get to work on crafting your resume right away.


Jacob Mathias

Jacob Mathias is a content writer and SEO specialist for Resume Writing Groups. He also works as a web developer and designer. He's passionate about sharing ways on how to get the job you want and living life to the fullest.

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