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Professional Resume Maker Tips: Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Everyone knows that a spelling error can kill your chances of gaining a job interview, but there are other mistakes and issues that can cost you a great job. Here are five mistakes to avoid from our professional resume writer team.

1. Avoid General Weirdness

Over the years, as a professional resume maker, we’ve pretty much seen it all. People put some weird items on their resume. Perhaps they believe this weirdness sets them apart or perhaps they genuinely believe their prowess at Dungeons & Dragons or their ability to hula hoop for 10 straight minutes somehow is applicable to their career.

Hiring managers don’t have a lot of time read your resume and they are looking to see if you possess essential skills. These don’t include your long list of beer pong championships or your passion for origami. Don’t list your hobbies or irrelevant skills (your ability to eat 20 tacos in one sitting is not a professional attribute) on your resume. Stick with skills that your future employer really needs. It’s perfectly fine to have a fun personality, but hiring managers first and foremost need an employee that fits the job description.

2. Change Inappropriate Contact Information

We hit this a bit on number one, but there are other types of inappropriate information you need to avoid showcasing during your job search. For instance, your email address needs to be a simple, professional address such as JohnLSmith@gmail. FuzzyBunny@yahoo or RichGirl99@hotmail really sends the wrong message, and we see these types of email addresses all the time. Take three minutes out of your day and create business-friendly email for all of your business correspondence.

3. Don’t Lie

Lying on a resume or during an interview is more of a deliberate action than a mistake, but it’s always wise to avoid lying. These lies, even little ones, have an unfortunate way of sneaking back up on you. Keep in mind that your employer can check up to see if you’ve lied about education and work experience, and it will become obvious very quickly if you lie about the skills you have. Deception is always a bad idea. Even if you have some unpleasant items in your past, such as a stint in jail or multiple firings, don’t lie about it.

If you do have tricky situations, such as work gaps, prison time, firings and so forth, talk about these issues with your professional resume maker. This person probably will have a few good ideas to help you explain these issues in the most positive way possible.

4. Don’t Be Brutally Honest, Either

Did you hate your last boss and all of your co-workers? Resist the urge to share these emotions during any part of the interview process. If you spend most of your interview time complaining about how much you hated school, disliked your former work experiences and just want to make a ton of money and retire young, you will not get the job. Why would anyone want to hire such a person?

Sometimes we do have terrible work experiences. It’s better to explain what you gained from this experience rather than dwell on the experience. For instance, you might state that you and your former boss didn’t see eye to eye on many aspects of your job, but this experience taught you how to deal with conflict and pushed you to find a job that where you could truly excel.

As a side note, if you have been fired from several jobs or you tend to have skirmishes with co-workers everywhere you go, it’s very likely that the problem is you and not them. Be a strong enough person to evaluate your weaknesses, own up to them and make concrete steps to become a better you. This will improve all aspects of your life, and not just your career.

5. Sloppy Interview Skills

Aside from hiring a professional resume writer to create your resume, getting yourself prepared for interviews is one of the most crucial tasks you need to consider. If you show up late, dress unprofessionally, slouch in your seat and fail to make any eye contact, the hiring manager will be less than impressed, even if you possess all of the skills needed for a job.

Likewise, if your phone keeps ringing during the interview (and you actually answer it), this also is a red flag. Wear professional attire, practice the way you sit and answer questions, and turn your phone completely off. Show up 5 to 10 minutes early and bring a briefcase with a notepad, several pins, a copy of your resume, business cards and a list of thoughtful questions to ask the recruiter. Learn a bit about the company and its mission and goals before the interview, as well. Be ready to answer some tough questions, especially if you have some issues in your past.

Don’t forget to thank the hiring manager. Give a handshake and brief thanks at the end of the interview and send an email or handwritten card, thanking them for the opportunity to interview for the job. Very few people remember to send a thank-you and this little act can make you more memorable.

If you need a professional resume maker, the team Resume Writing Group is here to help. We have a professional resume writer standing by and ready to create your job-winning resume. We also can help with cover letter writing, thank-you note writing, career coaching and much more.


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