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Resume Writers Share Top 6 Relocation Tips

Sometimes your best career move is one that takes you to a new city or state. While this can be exciting, it also can be stressful and sometimes difficult settling into a new area. To help make relocation as easy as possible, our team of expert resume writers has compiled a list of handy relocation tips.

1. Research The Housing Market

Obviously, you will want to research the company where you will be working to ensure that the company culture, salary, benefits and the job expectations match your own expectations. If you are sure that this job is the winner, your first step should be to learn all you can about the housing market and the various neighborhoods in the area. If possible, it’s wise to get out and drive around, perhaps with a realtor or relocation specialist, so you actually can see the neighborhoods for yourself.

Find several target neighborhoods that look like they fit your budget and your inclinations. For instance, if you are a young single that enjoys the nightlife, you probably won’t want to select a sleepy family-oriented suburb. On the flip side, if you have children, you’ll want to be near good schools and perhaps will be interested in city park options and family-friendly entertainment. Of course, the neighborhood you select also needs to fit within your budget and that can be the single biggest factor driving your decision.

2. Research The Commute

When you find a few neighborhoods that you like, consider the length of your commute and not just in miles. In a crowded city, a 10-mile drive can take 30 minutes or more if traffic is heavy. Be sure to research the typical traffic in the area, as well as the physical distance from your target neighborhoods. In some cases, one neighborhood might be closer to your job, but actually take longer to go back and forth because of traffic.

Look into alternatives to driving. Does the city have rapid transit or buses? Can you carpool with fellow employees or find a ride share program to cut down on your fuel costs? Gas is expensive and commuting, especially in stop and go traffic, can be rough on your vehicle, increasing maintenance costs. A long commute also might not suit your personality or your family situation, either, so this aspect of relocation is a big one.

3. Learn About The Culture & Entertainment

You have hobbies and interests, but what if the new town doesn’t suit those interests? As resume writers, we know that your career is important, but you aren’t just moving to work, you are also moving to live. Research the entertainment options near your new job and your target neighborhoods. For instance, if you love sports, are there major or minor league or college teams in the area? Are there sports options such adult soccer leagues, softball leagues, bowling, hiking, biking or any other activity you love?

If you love museums, art or the theater, research the area to see what’s available. If you have kids, learn what type of activities are available for them, as well as your spouse or partner. It’s also important to fully understand the cost of these activities, as they really vary from region to region.

4. Think About Friends & Family

Before you take a job offer in a new city, consider the people you will be leaving behind. How often do you wish to visit family in friends in your old city? Is it easy to travel back and forth? In some cases, it can require multi-stop flights as well as long drives from an airport. Additionally, if you are moving away from a support system, such as grandparents who baby sit, you need to consider that this support no longer will be available, and you’ll need to find alternatives.

While leaving family and friends might not be a deal-breaker, it is still something you should think about before taking the plunge. Our team of resume writers told us that this was one of the most difficult decisions people have to make when relocating, so be sure that you are ready to make a move from the people that you love.

5. Check The Forecast

It’s smart to learn a bit about the typical weather in the area. For instance, if you are moving from a sunny and mild climate to a climate with severe weather, this is an adjustment. If the new area is often cloudy and rainy, is this something you’ll be able to handle? Can you handle very cold weather or very hot, humid weather? It might seem superficial, but climate can have an impact on your overall happiness.

6. Get Organized & Stay Organized

As resume writers, we tend to think in a methodical and organized fashion, and this applies to all aspects of our lives, including moving. In general, moving is never particularly easy, but it’s definitely more complicated if you are moving out of your current area. It can help to make lists of all the tasks you need to accomplish before you move. These include acquiring medical records from your doctor, dentist, chiropractor, optometrist, pediatrician, veterinarian and so forth. You also need to get your children’s school records, and handle tasks such as turning off utilities and changing your address.

Start packing early and label each box carefully as to its content. You can even color code your boxes, so that it’s easy to know which room each box will go in your new home or apartment. For instance, all boxes with blue ink go to the bedroom while all boxes with red ink go to the kitchen. This will make it easier for your movers and will make it easier for you as you start to unpack.

If you haven’t begun your job search yet and need a great resume and cover letter, contact the team at Resume Writing Group today. Our professional resume writers have years of experience writing resumes and CVs for people in a wide range of industries. Our resume writing is guaranteed, as well. In fact, if you use our resume and follow our advice, but are not employed in 45 days or less, we will refund the cost of your resume.


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